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Background Screening

CRS is a nationally recognized company providing consumer credit reports, criminal and eviction information to a vast array of clients across the US. CRS Associates, Inc is partnered with companies considered credit-reporting agencies and therefore conforms to very high standards of integrity and quality.

There are two key aspects to CRS: its vision of technology and the values by which we live, everyday, as a company. CRS is dedicated to helping all of its customers achieve their goals. We listen to what our customers have to say and respond rapidly, and we continue to adapt to their changing needs. The approach CRS takes to research and development, combined with our constant effort to anticipate customer needs, improve quality and reduce costs. This allows us to deliver the best information possible.

A new employee can either be an asset to your company, or could put your company at great risk. How can you tell the difference before making a decision that could negatively impact your business?

CRS offers an extensive assortment of background screening tools — with online results delivery and no hidden fees — to help you ensure you're making the right hiring decision. You can select the tools most appropriate for your company to screen prospective employees from a variety of customizable, security-related, FCRA-compliant sources, including:

  • Search Range 7-10-20 year
  • Bureau Search (Single, Co-Bureau, Tri-Bureau) Equifax, TransUnion, Experian
  • Social Security Trace/TRUSST
  • Civil Records Search/Upper & Lower Court
  • Criminal Records Search/Felony & Misdemeanor
  • DMV/Driving Records Search
  • Employment Credit Report
  • Employment Reference and Education Verification
  • Suspected Terrorist Watch List
  • Sex Offender Records Search
  • Licensing Verification
  • Professional Credentialing
  • Military Records Search
  • Homeland Security/OFAC Search
  • Int’l Background Screening
  • Eviction Records Search
  • Workers' Compensation (Call for Availability)
  • Reference Verification

CRS customers have access to the following:

  • Compliance expert to review current application
  • FCRA compliant consumer and investigative reports
  • State required disclosure and consent forms
  • Pre-Adverse Action Checklist & Sample Letter
  • Sample Notification of Adverse Action
  • eNews with State and Federal Law updates

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Employment Screening Highlights

  • FCRA Compliant
  • Flexible, easy-to-use order entry form
  • Real time status updates
  • Web based solution…No software to install or update
  • Enhanced 128bit secure transactions
  • Batch processing
  • Bureau preferences
  • Result notices are e-mailed and results can be checked day or night
  • Flexible transaction log allows you to add searches to existing transactions
  • Simple color coded results allows you to pinpoint red flags
  • Requests are instantly disbursed to screeners to assure quick turnaround
  • Access to Certifi™ for industry leading training
  • Enter and track Federal, County, and State requests online!
  • 24/7 access

We know you have many choices for your business . that's why we promise to provide you with outstanding customer service and database information to meet your needs. CRS is proud to be a part of the exciting e-commerce industry. CRS will continue to offer the utmost in information and product resources to those who expect the finest in service and quality.

Contact us today for employment screeing services that include drug testing and background screening.

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